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Throughout the sixteen years I’ve been a financial advisor, years, my primary client base has been retirees. Over that time period, I have found a commonality among those who are happy, long-lived, and productive throughout their retirement. That commonality boils down to staying active. Unless you are waiting to greet a slow and painful death, the key to longevity is keeping the body and mind in shape through constant activity. This is not to say that you should seek strenuous and exhausting activities, but you need to keep the momentum pushing forward to avoid an early grave.

This book is a collection of ideas that I refer to as adventures. I call them adventures for two primary reasons. Of course the first that comes to my mind is that learning something new can appear to be an adventure in itself. New technology, a new craft, or even a reconnection with something or someone from your past can be an adventure. The second is the advice I give to all: the journey through retirement should be your adventure, not a routine.

Some adventures are singular and meant to be pursued over the long term, while others should be incorporated together as part of multiple ideas for added adventure and entertainment. In fact, the content of these adventures may be pursued at any pace you feel is sufficient for your entertainment and in any order you may choose. Start from the back, middle, or anywhere you desire within this book; choose your own adventure.

As any world-renowned and competent author (hey, I can dream!) would, I did some extensive research. This research included talking to a one-hundred-year-old man, remembering what my grandmother told me when I was younger, and stealing ideas from people who had already done more research than I have done to compile the ideas in this book. Therefore, if you think any of these ideas are corny or farfetched, it’s because they came from someone else. However, if you exclaim, “Wow! That’s a really cool and smart idea,” I thought of it.

This book is intended to go beyond the bounds of planning to be a checkout person at Walmart to occupy your time during retirement.

The main point is that I don’t want to hear that you’re bored; there’s more than enough to do! And once you do everything in this book, then think of more. Remember, life is an adventure, so enjoy it!

—Kyle A. Sadler