Ah, retirement—you’ve anticipated this life stage for years, but now that it’s finally here, you’re not quite sure what to do with it.
Presenting 99 fresh ideas to keep you active and engaged, “I’m Retired…Now What?” is more than just a list of things to do. Written by a financial advisor who has worked with retirees for more than sixteen years, this guide helps you see your continued value and recognize the importance of living this new phase well.
Organized into different categories, from physical to intellectual to spiritual, this book offers creative suggestions beyond the typical exercise, travel, and hobbies—though it does touch on these tips, as well. Discover how volunteering can energize you or a part-time job can give you a renewed sense of purpose. Find ways to spend more quality time with friends and family. While there is no one-size-fits-all approach to retirement, this richly varied list gives you a place to start—and inspires you to consider what it means for you to continue pursuing an ever-expanding, joy-filled life every day.
Welcome to the wonder of retirement!

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